18 Best Detached Garage Plans, Ideas, Remodel, and Photos


DETACHED GARAGE PLANS – Are you looking for the best way to park your car while you have problems with the existing space available in your house? Adding a detached garage can be one of the best solutions to take.

This will not only solve your problems with your car parking site but also the lack of storage space to keep unused stuff in your house.

Well, there are some benefits that you can get by adding this detached garage in your house.

  • Provide A Warm Place for Car ParkOne of the reasons people need a detached garage is because they are tired of a cold car in the morning and need a warmer place to park their vehicle. The garage can also function to provide better security and keep away thieves from your car.
  • Boost Property ValueYou like it or not, a house completed with a garage always priced higher in the market. This is such a great way to improve the value of your property since people look for a house that can give them peace of mind related to security.
  • StorageAnother major plus of having a detached garage is that it can provide spacious for storage when you run out of it in the attic.

So, here are the best-detached garage ideas to inspire you.

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