10 Most Popular Light for Stairways Ideas, Let’s Take a Look!


LIGHT FOR STAIRWAYS – Lighting in stairways does not the only function to make the items become more beautiful. More than that, lighting is used to improve safety while people using stairs. Shadows and dark spots on stairways might people to get an accident and increase the risk.

In this way, precise calculations should be conducted before the installation to avoid any risks. Generally, 100 lux light level will be sufficient to enlighten dark spots around the stairs and

Good lighting used in stairways will also add an inviting glow to your house. It can help you to add a dramatic touch into your house and bring the design into the next level. Thus, it is very important to choose the rightest lighting style that will look perfect on the stairs.

To help you add a decorative look on the areas and improve the conditions of the existing lightings, you can also use light strips that are placed in each step. For an alternative, you can also beautify the look of your stairs by using a continuous light line that placed from the side part of the step.

To help you find the best plan for your stairways lighting projects, just take a look at the following ideas for stairs lighting decoration.

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